Posted on:  19/10/2018

Claire dans la nuit, the meeting between Hélène Jousse and Southern Arabia

The meeting between the artworks of the sculptor Hélène Jousse and three heads of Southern Arabia in alabaster (Ist BC – Ist AD) seeks to find parallels and correspondences between contemporary art and the ancient world.

In one of the window displays of the Guénégaud street, the passerby may see the tight yearning profiles of the sculptor Hélène Jousse, which participate in the weaving of a single material by juxtaposing with the other faces: archaic, as flat stones, oriented towards the sky.

The sculpted material of Hélène Jousse’s pieces focuses mainly on the median axis of the face, perhaps to allow one to cross without ever meeting the mask, so that the world may be perceived as it is. Once upon a time we thought we had invented men.

3000  years ago, worried about their fragile existence, the anonymous heads of Southern Arabia held the light, the sand, the sun and the moon. They are the expression. Men couldn't cross them ; men had not been invented yet. 

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