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Exhibition 'Amulettes et Talismans dans l'Egypte ancienne'

Sleeping duck amulet

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Reference : 9200bis/t
Amulet of assimilation depicting a duck on a base, the head turned backward, resting on his back. Hollow hieroglyphs on the scaraboïd: ‘[ ?] Nefer’.
Egypt, 18th dynasty (?), 1550-1292 BC (?)
Green faience
L: 1.6 cm

Note: the duck which ideogram is associated to the word ‘son’ was revered by the Egyptians. It is a brave animal, ready to sacrifice itself to allow its brood to survive. At that time, the more common duck was the pilet duck (anas acuta). But the wild duck of the swamps symbolized the evil which eats the harvests, embodying the disorder (Isfet) against which the Egyptians had to fight for the perenity of the order (Ma'at).

Museo.: New York, MoMA, inv. n°23.3.226 [for a close piece] ; Cleveland, The Cleveland Museum of Art, inv. n°1914.569 [for a exemplar in feldspar].