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A l’occasion de ses 80 ans, la Galerie La Reine Margot proposera à ses clients, aux collectionneurs et aux amateurs éclairés un ensemble d’évènements et de rendez-vous exceptionnels tels que l’édition d’un catalogue spécial, ainsi que la présentation d’une exposition de Bijoux Signes des temps et l’organisation de rencontres artistiques privilégiées en décembre 2018.

On the occasion of its 80th birthday anniversary, the gallery La Reine Margot will propose to its customers, collectors and enlightened amateurs a set of exceptional events, such as the publication of a special catalog, as well as the exhibition Bijoux Signes des temps and privileged artistic meetings in December 2018.

  • Exhibition: Bijoux Signes des temps, December 2018-March 2019

    When archaeology becomes jewellery...

    Many of you asked us : when are you presenting us new jewels Signes des temps ?

    With this new exhibition, we answer your request. Our idea is to invite creators of contemporary jewelry and incite them to create pieces from ancient elements. The challenge is simple : use ancient objects in order to give them life and power, eventually turning them into objects of adornment. Our ambition is to sketch a universe of forms by looking for links, chords, and to confront modernity and antiquity to give birth to exceptional jewelry.

    The Gallery will have the pleasure to welcome you on Thursday, December 6th, 2018, to discover these incredible creations. The exhibition will take place until Saturday, March 30th, 2019.


  • Edition of a special catalog, November 2018

    You can consult our 2018 Anniversay catalog by clicking here.

    You can also consult last year’s catalog of 2017 by clicking here.

    The gallery will be pleased to welcome you on Thursday, November 29th, 2018 to present the catalog celebrating the 80th anniversary of its creation.

  • Exhibition Lumière d'ailleurs, Hélène Jousse and Southern Arabia

    Claire dans la nuit, the meeting between Hélène Jousse and Southern Arabia

    The meeting between the artworks of the sculptor Hélène Jousse and three heads of Southern Arabia in alabaster (Ist BC – Ist AD) seeks to find parallels and correspondences between contemporary art and the ancient world.

    In one of the window displays of the Guénégaud street, the passerby may see the tight yearning profiles of the sculptor Hélène Jousse, which participate in the weaving of a single material by juxtaposing with the other faces: archaic, as flat stones, oriented towards the sky.

    The sculpted material of Hélène Jousse’s pieces focuses mainly on the median axis of the face, perhaps to allow one to cross without ever meeting the mask, so that the world may be perceived as it is. Once upon a time we thought we had invented men.

    3000  years ago, worried about their fragile existence, the anonymous heads of Southern Arabia held the light, the sand, the sun and the moon. They are the expression. Men couldn't cross them ; men had not been invented yet. 

  • La vie au bord du Nil au temps des Pharaons

    This moment of culture and sharing will have as its theme the “life on the banks of the Nile at the time of Pharaohs”.

    It will take place at the gallery between the 13th and 23rd of December, culminating with a cultural evening on Thursday, December 13th (from 7pm to 10pm).

    In order to musically illustrate the Gallery, a soundtrack will be broadcast throughout the event. The music will be related to the theme of the exhibition. There will be a selection of different repertoires : ancient, classic, and contemporary. 
  • Scénographie des vitrines « Claire dans la nuit... »

    La Reine Margot gallery opens up to the world ; three display windows will be the subject of a singular scenography thought and achieved by Mr Pierre David, an architect and a set designer who has already made installations for the gallery : the latest presented five ancient helmets.

    The goddess Asherah will be exposed in the big display window of the Quai de Conti. Alone, powerful, stunning, lunar, she will be caring, as she was. Her image will be projected in big dimension to be seen from the dock, the Pont Neuf, and will enlighten, here and now, the Parisian night. The iconoclasm succeeds the image and is above metaphysics. The video of the object modeled in 3D was realized by Titien Bartette – Artifact Imaging. 

    "Bright in the night, around the wandering Earth, light from elsewhere" - Parménide, The poem -.

    In the Guénégaud street, tight profiles, by sculptor Hélène Jousse, participate in the weaving of a single material by juxtaposing with other faces, archaic of Southern Arabia, as fronts, as flat stones, turned towards the sky.

    In the third display window a singular “cube statue” in diorite will be presented, representing a dignitary called Maaâ – Egypte, XVIIIe Dynastie, Amen-Hotep III (ruler during 1388-1350 BC) – who emerges from a grass forest.

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