Geometric Pitcher from the Lévêque collection

Greek Art, Attic, Late Geometric Period, around 740 BC

REF No.10120 H 49 cm

The vase is decorated on one side by a handle, which is placed between the rim and the top of oval shaped paunch, being reattached on the neck of the vase by a horizontal element. The lid is surmounted by a vertical cylindrical element, and has a small nick on the rim permitting the lid to fit correctly to the vase, leaving space for the edge of the handle.
The decoration is organized in bigger registers / bands, recovering all its surface, which are separated by triple lines. Each register is decorated by geometrical motifs.
The decor on the paunch features triangles, rafters, diamonds, broken lines and points, as well as three large separated bands on the base. A part of these motifs reappear on the lid, notably the triangles, the points and the broken lines. This object presents a strong and rhythmic decor, and it is incredibly complete as it features its original lid.

CONSERVATION STATE : Good. A piece on the top of the paunch was broken but then reattached, some parts of the motif are faded. The painting is flaking on certain parts of the vase and on the lid.
Provenance: Obtained in 1949 par Pierre Lévêque member of the École française d’Athènes
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