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Lord Kitchener's Head

XXV dynastie

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Reference : 10027
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white dolomitic marble
H 17 cm

The head shows a deep interest about its placing in a precise stylistic foreground and consequently in determining its’ dating.
The fundamental elements to take into consideration for this purpose are evidently the material the head is made of and the chiselled curious face.
Any scholar contemplating the head cannot ignore some extremely “characterising” physiognomic features, i.e. the really prominent nose. In a general sense, the realism of the face is clearly visible and it provides an element of exoticism to the figurative structure, especially if we consider the relation with the classical Egyptian statuary, here recalled by the typical wig and the dorsal pillar.
This dichotomy, between the quite strange face’s physical features and the hazarded reference to the Egyptian well standardised artistic style, has been retained as a focal point concerning the authenticity and the antiquity of the head.
Provenance: Ancient collection of Lord Horatio Kitchener, Comte de Khartoum. Sotheby’s sale of the Kitchener collection, 16 novembre 1938, lot 55 (published). Purchased by Spink and Son en 1939. Acquired from Saint Louis Museum of Art en 1940 (n° inv. 17:40)

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