Posted on:  16/10/2018

La Reine Margot gallery opens up to the world ; three display windows will be the subject of a singular scenography thought and achieved by Mr Pierre David, an architect and a set designer who has already made installations for the gallery : the latest presented five ancient helmets.

The goddess Asherah will be exposed in the big display window of the Quai de Conti. Alone, powerful, stunning, lunar, she will be caring, as she was. Her image will be projected in big dimension to be seen from the dock, the Pont Neuf, and will enlighten, here and now, the Parisian night. The iconoclasm succeeds the image and is above metaphysics. The video of the object modeled in 3D was realized by Titien Bartette – Artifact Imaging. 

"Bright in the night, around the wandering Earth, light from elsewhere" - Parménide, The poem -.

In the Guénégaud street, tight profiles, by sculptor Hélène Jousse, participate in the weaving of a single material by juxtaposing with other faces, archaic of Southern Arabia, as fronts, as flat stones, turned towards the sky.

In the third display window a singular “cube statue” in diorite will be presented, representing a dignitary called Maaâ – Egypte, XVIIIe Dynastie, Amen-Hotep III (ruler during 1388-1350 BC) – who emerges from a grass forest.

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